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Welcome to Eevees!

Do you think this is the end of the story!?Well of course...NO.Join in with my eevees/eeveelutions as they take their journey on three different regions Sinnoh,Unova and Johto.As every eevees/eeveelutions got their own different personalities...this story...might lead you to a great beginning until the end. As they adventure through out the pokemon/PC world.They/We might discover unsolved mysteries,secrets cannot be keep,new friends or friends you'll never know might happen. Join Shaun(Umbreon),Danny(Vaporeon),Rai(Jolteon),Amber(Espeon),Flash(Flareon),?????(Flash's twin),Frost(Glaceon),Raflesia(Leafeon),Coreen(Glaceon,Frost's little sister,Ronin's twin sister) and the other eevees to find or discover the secret/truth waiting to be revealed! Updates:???


I got myself my own Twitter Account~!

Come and check it out guys~!

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Hello guys!I miss u all!

U-uummmm...Hi guys!I know I haven't updated a new comic lately...I was distracted and busy,I guess.But,don't worry,I am working on the next Karma Comic right now.So,please wait a little longer,okay?And I have improved as well!

Also,check out mah DeviantArt - Reyna174
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Eevees! Ask Blog!

Hi guys!This comic has an ask blog now!

BOOP!HERE'S DA LINK!-->Eevees! Ask Blog!

All Main Characters-OPEN
All Submitted Eevees-(It's Reyna's choice!Cause there a lot of questions for this eevees!Try and ask someone else!Heh,so mean.)
Main Characters' parents or families-Most of them are OPEN
Others/Other eevees-Some are CLOSED and some are OPEN
Reyna178, December 29th, 2016, 4:08 am 3 comments

Submit some Eevees!

The eevees submission is now CLOSEDI repeat,it's NOW CLOSEDBut,don't worry,it will be open once again.So,stay tuned!

So do you wanna submit some off your eevees and I will make it appear on my comic...well my answer is...of you can!Read da rules!It's important!


Rules for those who have a Smackjeeves account and Guests,too!

1.You can submit only 1 or 2 eevees only,shinies are allowed.

2.You must have and give me the information about them:Their Name,Gender,Nature and Charactersitics.And don't give them super dark stories or super powers or anything like that.

You can get the Nature and Characteristics HERE!


3.You must draw your own Eevee!,you can put accessories if you want.

4.If you don't know how to your draw eevee just send me his/her fur color and neck fur color and if it's wearing any accessories just send me their accessories' color.You can even tell me what he or she look likes,for example:"Her hair looks like Karma but a bit less long and her ear and neck fur is spiky like a Jolteon,she has a red bow around her neck fur and here are her fur colors(if you don't how to draw your eevee) My eevee's colors".DON'T FORGET THEIR COLORS,KAY?!DON'T BE THAT LAZY!

Don't submit too much shiny eevees!Or else I won't accept your eevees because maybe some or all of you are submitting too much!

The reason why I wanted all of you to submit some eevees because I got a lot of in-game shiny and non-shiny eevees are still unname and not yet designed

Mia:Don't worry guys and don't be afraid to submit one,kay!
Glen:Hello there!I'm Yuki's replacement and I am gonna help Mia here!And I'm a Glaceon!(I like Mia,too)
Reyna178:Now that's finish I'm going to eat some chocolates,you can come Glen and Mia if you want some
Mia and Glen:Kay!

Reyna178, December 23rd, 2016, 3:15 am 13 comments

Submitted Eevees!

Submitted eevees:
Glitch-Male-Lonely-Highly curious-HarrisonButterGem
Willow-Female-Quirky-Often lost in thought-WispNightmare
Jellyeon-Female-Jolly-Highly curious-Shiny-JellyBeanier
Gummyeon-Female-Serious-A little quick tempered-GummyBearier
Sugar-Female-Bold-Capable of taking hits-Shiny-AssassinPerson
Grace-Female-Lonely-Alerts to sounds-1_Violet_1
Jewel-Female-Naive-Loves to eat-Shiny-BowTheSylveon
Scarlet-Female-Bold-Quick tempered-HollytheFluffyCat
Gayle-Female-Sassy-Strongly Defiant-Rinji Sakura-Kun
Aari-Male-Quiet-Quick to flee-Shiny-Gore N Guys
Alex-Male-Modest-Highly persistent-HollytheFluffyCat
Luna-Female-Lonely-Quick to flee-Shiny-Pure umbreon
Tsunami-Female-Calm-Alert to sounds-Sylve the Sylveon
Lilac-Female-Careful-Nods off a lot-9rainbowtails
StarLight-Female-Timid-Often lost in thought-farmergirl139
Evan-Male-Bashful-Capable of taking hits-LittleMoons
Apple-Male-Bold-Capable of taking hits-Apple (AppleSpy)
Reyna178, September 25th, 2016, 12:13 am 1 comments

The Eevee List

Here all(almostly) eevees reference

Zach-Male-Bashful-Good endurance-Shiny
Ashley-Female-Rash-Quick to Flee
Ezekiel-Male-Timid-Likes to relax-Shiny
Elesa-Female-Lonely-Somewhat of a clown-Ashleys sister
Dennis-Male-Hasty-Often scatters things-Shiny
Sam-Female-Lax-Somewhat vain-Ashleys sister
Soarin-Male-Bashful-Likes to thrash about-Shiny
Floris-Female-Bashful-Strong willed-The youngest sister of Ashley
Scotch-Male-Docile-Proud of its own power
Hotaru-Female-Sassy-Often dozes off-The cousin of Ashley

Breeding results...

Zach and Ashley

Danny-Male-Naive-Very finicky-Vaporeon
Rai-Male-Docile-Very finicky-Jolteon
Amber-Female-Quiet-Highly curious-Espeon
Flash-Male-Gentle-Often dozes off-Flareon
Frost-Male-Docile-Likes to relax-Glaceon
Khalesei-Male-Adamant-A little quick tempered
Nate-Male-Serious-A little quick tempered
Raquim-Male-Adamant-Good endurance
Ronin-Male-Timid-Loves to eat
Coreen-Female-Mild-Loves to eat-Glaceon
Troy-Male-Relaxed-Likes to relax
Coby-Male-Hardy-Good perseverance
Mila-Female-Hasty-Loves to eat
Leon-Male-Timid-Sturdy body
Michel-Male-Naive-Scatters things often
Zephiel-Male-Quiet-Thoroughly cunning
Vince-Male-Sassy-Capable of taking hits
Calvin-Male-Sassy-Good endurance
Roi-Male-Lonely-Alert to sounds
Jed-Male-Naive-Highly persistent
Magnus-Male-Rash-Good perseverance
Soren-Male-Docile-Likes to thrash about-My bae
Ciel-Male-Hasty-Likes to fight
Calix-Male-Bashful-Strong willed
Clent-Male-Serious-Somewhat vain
Jake-Male-Jolly-Very finicky
Dwane-Male-Careful-Somewhat vain
Dave-Male-Naughty-Good perseverance
Cheska-Female-Gentle-Quick to flee
Ginga-Male-Quiet-Scatters things often
Zerum-Male-Quirky-Thoroughly cunning
Sheen-Male-Bashful-Very finicky-Shiny

Ezekiel and Elesa

Clover-Male-Bashful-Somewhat of a clown
Gem-Female-Sassy-Likes to run-Shiny
Misuto-Female-Gentle-Somewhat stubborn-Shiny

Dennis and Sam

Ricky-Male-Lonely-Often scatters things
Max-Male-Mild-Often lost in thought
Daisy-Female-Hardy-Likes to fight
Buster-Male-Naive-Scatters things often

Soarin and Floris

Sora-Male-Mild-Likes to run
Everest-Female-Relaxed-Likes to thrash about

Scotch and Hotaru

Carlos-Male-Calm-Alert to sounds
Josh-Male-Bashful-Somewhat stubborn
Luki-Male-Jolly-Very finicky
Neon-Male-Gentle-Highly curious
Leo-Male-Quiet-Proud of its power
Eric-Male-Relaxed-Very finicky
Ken-Male-Quiet-Often dozes off
Simon-Male-Impish-Somewhat stubborn
Nick-Male-Quirky-Highly curious
Zhuki-Male-Lax-Good endurance
Kaede-Male-Lonely-Proud of its power
Kasuki-Male-Serious-Proud of its power
Zoey-Male-Calm-Often lost in thought
Dai-Male-Bashful-Often lost in thought
Shin-Male-Adamant-Likes to thrash about
Dash-Male-Rash-Very finicky
Kite-Male-Adamant-Often dozes off
Jun-Male-Naive-Proud of its power


Charlie-Male-Bashful-Often scatters things
Emma-Female-Timid-Sturdy body
Maya-Female-Calm-Proud of its power
Ellie-Female-Impish-Proud of its power
Scarlet-Female-Jolly-Strong willed-Shiny
Lucky-Female-Sassy-Strong willed-Shiny
Stella-Female-Hasty-Often lost in thought-Shiny
Olivia-Female-Quiet-Capable of taking hits
Marian-Female-Naughty-Proud of its power
Evie-Female-Modest-Quick tempered

Cos-Male-Modest-Proud of its power-???

Len-Male-Modest-Somewhat vain
Shiro-Male-Quiet-Scatters things often
Akira-Female-Hasty-Loves to eat
Aika-Female-Sassy-Likes to run
Emily-Female-Rash-Good perseverance
Zin-Male-Hardy-Scatters things often-Twin of Zen
Zen-Male-Lax-A little quick tempered-Twin of Zin
Hiker-Male-Mild-Quick to flee
London-Male-Serious-A lttle quick tempered
Lumni-Male-Naughty-Strong willed
Donny-Male-Naughty-Often lost in thought
Zoomy-Male-Jolly-Often dozes off
Damien-Male-Calm-Likes to thrash about
Zoey(2)-Male-Bashful-Loves to eat
Percy-Female-Gentle-Loves to eat
Shane-Male-Quirky-Likes to fight
Girly-???-???-???-Best companion of Shane
Golly-Male-Bashful-Somewhat vain
Ven-Male-Lonely-Likes to relax
Ten-Male-Serious-Very finicky
Jade-Female-Quiet-Loves to eat
Netra-Female-Docile-Good endurance-Companion and use-to-be master of Angelie
Angelie-Female-Timid-Likes to thrash about-Half angel and half devil
Lico-Female-Calm-Quick tempered
Lyra-Female-Modest-Hates to lose-Really,really likes Mia...a lot
Michi-Female-Bashful-Hates to lose-Shiny
Ritsu-Female-Gentle-A little quick tempered
Blaze-Male-Timid-Thoroughly cunning-Flareon
Blitz-Male-Bold-Strongly defiant-Jolteon
Bubbles-Male-Modest-A lttle quick tempered-Vaporeon
Hana-Female-Docile-Scatters things often-Shiny-Leafeon
Crystal-Female-Jolly-Somewhat vain-Shiny-Glaceon
Lavender-Female-Brave-Capable of taking hits-Shiny-Espeon
Benedic-Male-Naughty-Mischievous-Works alone-My LOVE-:v
Sugar-Female-Naive-Strong willed
Eon-Male-Quiet-Often dozes off
Magnum-Male-Quirky-Thoroughly cunning-Flareon
Navy-Male-Sassy-Sturdy body-Vaporeon
Disan-Male-Sassy-Likes to fight-Umbreon
Elecis-Male-Adamant-Thoroughly cunning-Jolteon
Avalin-Female-Lonely-Thoroughly cunning-Glaceon
Vivy-Female-Gentle-Capable of taking hits-Leafeon
Espy-Female-Careful-Proud of its power-Espeon
Veno-Male-Timid-Somewhat stubborn
Carol-Female-Bashful-Thoroughly cunning-Vaporeon
Drat-Male-Hasty-Strong willed-Sylveon
Evet-Female-Naive-A little quick tempered
Eliot-Male-Calm-Likes to fight
Breezie-Female-Modest-Capable of taking hits
Eren-Male-???-???-My Senpai-Do not touch!-Favorite Eevee-HE IS MINE!-LOVE~♡♡♡
Abbey-Female-Timid-Highly Curious-LOL

*Still under constuction*
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