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July 13th, 2016, 3:08 am


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Hey Guys! Sorry for not uploading and color the "Thanks for 50+ Fans!" I had Headache and my stomach hurts...Oh!and as I was saying thanks for the 50+ fans and for that we are going restart everything!Not everything,everything...just the story...because...Yuki is now replaced.Well,Yuki's replacement did tell me that the story is getting old and the story was already made before I read the SSEC,The Eevees and other comics.But we can still continue on Karma's chapter thingy.
Mia:And we got 3 new members of the crew!
The 1st member is Yuki's replacement
The 2nd member just came out of Reyna174's imagination
The 3rd member was just only adopted
Ace:*Silently crying*
Reyna174:The new story will be about my eevees/eeveelutions(Including Karma) that are in-game from my pokemon Platinum,HeartGold,Black and Black 2.But the main characters (eeveelutions/eevees) are in-game on my Pokemon Platinum.You'll be seeing them on the next chapter.And OH!The old comics will stay.Night,Jolt,Ribbon,Jet,Angel,Grace,Lydia,Nyah,Carl,Jai,Elizabeth are in a different story that was only a plain story and a bit out of too much.They were...just made up...
????:Okay!What are we gonna do now?What about you,??? ?
????:Oh right,I forgot you can't talk that much or you really can't?
Reyna174:Lets just get on with it...my head still hurts...
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Hope you feel better and congragulations on 50 fans! Thats hard to acheive unless you have nice art or alot of comics!
Keep up the good work!!!😊
What happened to Yuki and why did the Glaceon get replaced.
@Reyna178: *that moment where you find it hard to believe that your friend got 50 Fans*

*goes to Fan count page*



Seems Legit..(But srsly,Congrats!)
Sup I'm a wandering cat with nothing better to do
Wait... was there something before this?
@Reyna178: Nice Comic.

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